Regarding first year expenses

Tuition fees payment before enrollment (course payment for each year)

Admission Fee50,000
Tuition Fee576,000
(Material Fee)
Facility Fee20,000

※Please pay \ 20,000 while submitting the application form for the examination fees
※Please pay the tuition fee collectively when receiving the certificate of eligibility for residence from immigration
※Additional consumption tax may be charged on tuition fee.
※When remitting tuition fee, a remittance fee will be charged separately payable to financial institutions
※Regarding to (Enrollment fee, tuition fee, teaching material fee, and facility fee) are non-refundable by rules. However despite being granted the Certificate of eligibility but failed to get a visa etc amount paid by the applicant will be refunded after deducting admission fees (\50000). The applicant will have to pay the remittance charge cost during the refunding Process.
※Please contact us if you wish to use the schools dormitory. Dormitory fees will be differ according to the room and hostel.

About tuition and fee etc for each course

2 years course
(April Enrollment )
1 year 9months course
(July Enrollment)
1year 6months course
(October Enrollment)
1year 3months course
(January Enrollment)
Admission fees 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
Enrollment Fee 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
Tuition Fee 1,152,000 1,008,000 864,000 720,000
Others 140,000 122,500 105,000 87,500
Total 1,362,000 1,200,500 1,039,000 877,500

※Amounts such as admission fees, enrollment fees, facility fees, tuition fees, are non-refundable.
※However if the applicants decides quit or fails to enter japan, all amount except admission fees (\50,000) will be refunded. (Remittance charge will have to be paid by the applicant)
※When submitting application documents to this school, you will be required to pay \ 20,000 as examination fees
※Consumption tax will be added separately.

Other Information

Transfer Destination of School Fees

Bank name三Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank, Kasai Branch
Account typeOrdinary Account
Account numbe4659924
Account holderTokyo International Asahi institute Chairperson Masayoshi Shin Mori

Contact Information

Tokyo international asahi institute
Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 3-12-11
We will correspond in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi.